Modelit Kronos 1000 800 g
Modelit Kronos
Modelit Kronos
Modelit Kronos
Modelit Kronos 1000 800 g
Modelit Kronos
Modelit Kronos
Modelit Kronos

MODELIT KRONOS fast casting polyurethane 1000 g + 800 g

Two-component polyurethane which cures after 5-6 minutes into a very hard but tough material. Appropriate for manual or machine use.
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22 %
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25,50 €


Used mainly in electronics, prototype making, souvenirs making, picture and mirror frames, climbing holds, furniture parts, machine castings...



●   quick hardening

●   low viscosity

●   low shrinkage

●   easy-to-use mixing ration(100:80 by weight)

●   High filler content possible while retaining a low viscosity



Prototypes and patterns by casting in silicone moulds, negatives, molds, masters,figurines and mock-ups using the unfilled product or filled with mineral, metallic fillers and pigments.

Colour with VIVAT pigments or pigment pastes.


For molds, use MODRIN MF silicone rubber or epoxy resin EPOX 210. Apply a release agent if using an EPOX 210 mold.



Mixing ratio Comp. A : Comp. B     100 : 80

Pot life (100 g at 20°C): 90 to 110 seconds

Demoulding time:  4 - 6 minutes


Colour (mixture): beige

Hardness: 73-75 Shore D (at 23°C, ISO 868)

Elongation at break 6,4 %   (ISO R 527)

Charpy impact resistance kJ/m² 37  (ISO 179)

Viscosity (at 23°C)

                              comp. A    cPs  100

                              comp. B   cPs  165

Fluxural modulus of elasticity mPa  1.750  (ISO 178)

Shrinkage 1,5 %


Mixing ratio A:B
100:80 (by weight)
Curing time, demolding
5-6 minutes, final hardness at 24 hours

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