BLACKWOOD neutral    500 + 500 g

BLACKWOOD neutral 500 + 500 g

Neutral, fast-setting paste for filling cracks, knots, voids and other irregularities in wood. Meant to be pigmented with VIVAT pigments or KOLORO EPO pastes.
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22 %
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18,12 €



 - permanent repairs with no shrinkage

- for interior and exterior wood

- easy 1 : 1 mixing ratio (by weight)

- to be pigmented with VIVAT pigments or KOLORO EPO pastes


Maximum layer thickness is 10 - 15 mm. 
For thicker items, simply apply in several layers.

Can be sanded after approx. 2 hours (the exact time depends on the thickness of the layer)


Mixing ratio A : B    by weight    100 : 100

Mixing ratio A : B    by volume    100 : 75

Pot life: 20°C      (100 g)    min    10

Hardening time at room temperature (20°C)         30 min for thicker layers
                                                                               up to 2 h for thinner layers

Maximum layer thickness:    mm    10-15


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