KOLORO EPO Sunny yellow 50 g
KOLORO EPO Sunny yellow 50 g
KOLORO EPO Sunny yellow 50 g
KOLORO EPO Sunny yellow 50 g

KOLORO EPO Sunny yellow 50 g

KOLORO EPO pastes are used to colour epoxy resins.
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KOLORO EPO pastes are used to colour epoxy resins.


KOLORO EPO pastes contain pure, dry pigments dispersed in epoxy resin. KOLORO EPO pastes are easy to dispense, solvent-free, and they can be mixed to achieve different colors and color effects. The paste does not change the final properties of the resin.


KOLORO EPO paste is mixed into component A and only then the right amount of component B is added.


KOLORO EPO paste can colour a transparent resin in a translucent or opaqu ecolor. Translucency or opaqueness of the resin depends on several factors:

- The amount of the paste (the standard dosage is from about 0.1 to 5% by weight of the resin - less pigment paste means greater translucency,  more pigment paste means less translucency)

- the pigment itself (pastes with oxide pigments are more opaque)

- thickness of the resin layer  (thicker layer needs less pigment paste for an opaque color)

- fillers in resin (if the resin contains fillers it is more difficult to achieve translucency)


The pastes are very concentrated, you can add approx. between 0.1 and 5% by weight of the resin. When adding more pigment paste, the weight of component A should be modified.


KOLORO EPO pastes can be lightened by adding KOLORO epo paste OXIDE WHITE or KOLORO epo paste TRANSLUCENT WHITE and darkened with the addition of KOLORO epo paste OXIDE BLACK.

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