Modelit Speed 1000 1000 g

MODELIT SPEED fast casting urethane resin 1 kg + 1 kg

Fast curing two-component urethane, used for casting precise model parts, prototypes, tooling boards, casting in electronics; also used as an adhesive...
Tax rate
22 %
Price with VAT:
35,38 €


-fast curing

-simple mixing ratio (1:1)

-casting small and precise parts

-great mechanical properties

-coloration with pigments and pastes



Mix component A to achieve homogeneous colour and consisteny.  Mix components A and B at temperatures above 18°C according to the mixing ratio (1:1)



Ensure ventilation, wear protective gloves and goggles.



Shelf life: component A - 6 months ; component B - 12 months , if stored in a dry area in the originally sealed receptable, at temperatures from 15 to 25°C. 


Density at 23˚C
comp. B 1,20
Elasticity modul
1.100 MPa (at 23˚C)
Mixing ratio A:B
at 25˚C 100:84 (by volume)
mixture white
Pot life at 25˚C (100 g)
2-3 minutes
Elongation at break
4 %
Curing time, demolding
at 23˚C (thickness 2 mm) >90 minutes

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