Silicone rubber K-31 5 kg + Catalyst Tixo Quick 150 g

Silicone rubber K-31 5 kg + Catalyst Tixo Quick 150 g

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K-31 is a general-purpose mold-making material suitable for casting resins, wax, gypsum, etc. K-31 is preferred when colour of the mold is important. Its white colour is ideal for pigmentation to all shades.


K-31 cures with 3-5 % of either CATALYST C-88 or CATALYST TIXO QUICK. Curing time for C-88 is 8-12 hours and 2-4 hours with TIXO QUICK. Final hardness is achieved after 24 hours with both catalysts.


Catalyst TIXO QUICK speeds up the curing time and is mostly used for vertical application without fine details.

Larger quantities of the catalyst speed up the curing time but render the rubber less flexible and softer.



-white colour 

-minimal shrinkage

-finest details reproduction

-flexible and high tear-strength

-high temperature an chemical resistance, max. temperature is 200°C


Thickening K-31 by adding TIXO thickener -  for vertical molds (brush-on application)

Add 0,5-1% ofTixo quickener after adding the catalyst. The rubber will thicken in 20 - 30 seconds. Tixo thickener does not have an effect on the curing time of the silicone rubber. 


Vertical molds can also be made from K-31and catalyst TIXO QUICK.

Apply it in several layers. Each application should be thin and wait for 1-2 hours before applying the next layer.

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