IZI 2 kg
IZI 2 kg

IZI light weight, rigid polymer foam 1 kg + 1 kg

Light weight liquid polymer foam which hardens into a rigid foam in a few minutes with an exothermic reaction.
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IZI is a two-component light weight polymeric material that hardens into a rigid foam in a few minutes with an exothermic reaction. 

One kilogramme of liquid IZI produces approx. 15-20 litres of rigid foam with free foaming.



- furniture parts 

- prototypes (industrial design, model making)

- pipes, reservoars  insulation

- casting figures (wood imitation)

- filler for unsinkable boats, ships

- mold making

- simple sandwich elements (containers, construction)

- sound and heat insulation

- scenography, theatre, film objects

- jewellery stands



Density at free foaming - open mold: 60 kg/m3

Easily painted.



 1/ Thoroughly mix each component in its original container.

2/ Weigh the appropriate amount and mix both components in a PP, PE, metal or glass container.

3/ Pour the mixture into a silicone rubber, metal or epoxy mold. Apply a release agent to a metal or epoxy mold.


WARNING: Component B is corrosive and a health hazard. Use protective goggles and gloves, ensure the work area is well ventilated.

Mixing ratio A:B
Pot life
100 seconds (at 22-25°C)

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